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Our Services & Pricing

Thank you for considering Missionary Ambassadors as you prepare to send your prayer letters. We are excited about helping fellow servants of the Lord.

Letter (8.5x11) Legal (8.5x14)
White PaperColor Paper White PaperColor Paper
1-sided 22 23 24 25
2-sided 25 26 27 28
COLOR COPIES Add 12 - 40 per side
(depending on print coverage, contact us for an estimate)

The above charges include making copies, printing envelopes, folding, stuffing, sorting for bulk rate, and maintaining your mailing list (no additional charge for adds, deletes, or corrections). We will provide you with one free mailing list export per year, usually during Feb-Mar time frame, after our year end address corrections are completed.

We can send standard letters non-profit automated third class bulk rate (16.6) or first class (45). Foreign letters go first class (Canada/Mexico 85, All others $1.05, for the first ounce).

Due to the way we prepare our bulk mailings we typically receive 1st class processing time from our post office. Bulk rate mailings require 200 pieces (or 50 pounds), same weight and size. If you have less than 200 pieces, we can try to combine your mailing with someone else's, as long as both mailings are the same weight and size. Please note: when sending non-profit bulk rate, the Post office requires our name and address to appear on your letter (usually in fine print at the bottom).

We take great care to ensure our database is kept up to the latest US Postal Service standards. Every address is run through a DPV & CASS certified service that compares the address to the USPS address database. All validated addresses receive a 9 digit zip code and reduced mailing rate. In addition, we run all addresses through the USPS move database to get the latest address for recipients before mailing. We also add an ACS (Automated Correction Service) code to each address to allow the USPS to give us automated updates to our database for addresses that have changed. Even with all this we still lose contact with some newsletter recipients throughout the year. Each year we send your mailing lists to you for your records, including all the deleted records for that year. Adds and deletions can be made throughout the year as needed.

"Address Service Requested" is standard on all envelopes. This ensures that we can keep your mailing list as up-to-date as possible. The USPS charges 25 for ACS updates. They charge 50 for forwarding the letter and sending us back the corrected address. Occasionally the forwarding order is expired or the mail is undeliverable. In these cases, the letter is returned to us with the corrected address, if available. The post office charges $1.01 for this. These charges are passed on to you. On average 20% of your address list will change annually.

E-Mail:  We have received many prayer letters via e-mail from missionaries, as well as mailing list updates. After receiving the e-mail, we transfer the letter to our software, print it out, and send! Note: $5 charge per page applies unless file is sent in .pdf format.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have questions.


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